Vagamon Meadows

Vagamon Meadows are considered as one of asia’s biggest meadows. The perfect rolling landscape offers a majestic view of the place claded with greenery, fog and mist. A beautiful lake nestled in the meadows is an added attraction. The meadows are locally known as Mottakunnu. The land is known to have a relation with the Hindu epic Mahabharata and there is a faith that the war between Bhishma and Arjuna was fought here. Arjuna’s pool occupies the central position in the 11 small awesome hills.

Palozhukumpara ( Ninth Step Waterfalls )

A beautiful waterfall having nine falls is another attraction in Vagamon. It also called Palozhukum Para which literally means the rock which flows milk. The name indicates the beauty of the waterfall. It is also known as Shiva Ganga watefalls

Pine Forest

Pine Forest, one of the main attractions in Vagamon provides privacy in natures lap. A valley having huge lofty pine trees lined in row row-mb-ts is the Pine Valley of Vagamon. It is a beautiful location which shares unique experience for the tourist. Come and experience the charm of wind and its murmuring music.

Indo – Swiss Project dairy Farm

Indo – Swiss project is situated in Kolahalamedu. It is a joint endeavor by India and Swiss Governments for generating high breed varieties of Cows and Bulls. Tourist can experience various types of farming and dairying practices here.

Orchid Garden

The orchid garden located within a 15 hectare plot is home to about 3000 Orchids from various geners. The centre is also home to about 200 roses planted all along to lend fragrance along with Coleuses, Boat lilies and Impatiens plants that add color to the place. The beauty laid walkway dotted with bamboo bridges and arches, a water body to attract birds and the watch – house with beautiful views of the garden and the adjacent tea – estates lure one’s mind away from the mundane life.

Thangal Para

A journey of about five kilometers from Vagamon, down the Elappara route, will take you to the Thangal Para, of religious significance to Muslims. There is a durgah here which is the resting place of Husrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba, a Sufi saint, who is believed to have reached Kerala from Afghanistan about 800 years ago. Legends say that the Sufi saint, who had great spiritual powers, reached here on horseback along with 40 followers. Near Baba’s durgah is a huge rock. People believe that a small stone, with which the Baba used to grind his paan, metamorphosed to become this huge rock. Ganjusakkar (a sweet dish) is the main offering here and the festival, Uroos, is conducted during the month of April.

Murugan Para

Murugan Para is situated near to Thangal Para, is a hill that houses a rock-cut temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Hundreds of devotees visit the place every year.


Kurisumala is one of themost prominent pilgrim centers in Kerala. The word Kurisula Literally means Mount of the Cross. Situated at a height of almost 4000 ft. This is when hundreadsofdisciples from far and near converge during the holy week and after, climbing the hill carrying wooden crosses. Travelers can enjoy trekking and climbing this high hill.

Kurisumala Ashram

The Kurisumala Ashram is a Catholic monastery that attracts monks from across the world because of its unique mix of spiritual elements and practices from the Christian and Indian traditions. The Ashram is situated in 40 acres of land of spectaculargreenery. Inside the Ashram compound, there is a church, a guesthouse, a library, a satsang hall, a vegetable garden, a dairy farm, a bread-baking unit and a milk processing centre. The Cistercian abbey here was built in 1958 by Abbot Francis Acharya of Belgium and Fr. Brede Griffiths of England. The monks here wear saffron robes, walk barefoot and eat vegetarian food. The surroundings offer a tranquil ambience that is ideal for meditation and rejuvenation.

Tea Lake

The tea lake is a beautiful and ideal relaxation spot and a sway bridge to cross the lake add to its charm. Boating in the lake provides distinctive experience to the guest.

Tea Estates

There are many tea estates of which the major ones are Pullikkanam estate, and MMJ Plantations. Tourists can get permission from the estate office and have a walk through the estate gardens and this for sure is going to be worth the time spending here.

Karigad View Point

Karigad view point is on the way from Kottayam/Pala to Vagamon road. This is a must stop to enjoy the scenic beauty and appreciate the uphill drive you are having. From this point you can see the meandering road to Vagamon which is cut in solid rock with sky high mountains on one side and breath taking deep valley on the other side. Far away mountains dipped in mist, deep seated valley below, wild flowers, musical sound of water falls etc will get you completely refreshed.

Suicide Point

Vagamon also prides in having a Suicide Point; it is called Moonpara. It is a gorge which is V-shaped. It is one of the beautiful locations in Vagamon. From this place, you can see the deep-seated valley below. The sight is full of awe. The depth of the valley appears like an abyss. Though Trekking to the Suicide Point is a bit of a strenuous activity, it is a wonderful experience too, as the way to the summit is very pleasing and enchanting. The scenic beauty around and the breezy air will push you to go up. Once you are up there on the summit, the magnificent sight, and the cool and fresh air will make you forget about your tiring climb and will remain as a delightful memory.